Filming Complete!

Joshua has wrapped filming for Perihelion!

The whirlwind project would be stunning to think about even without taking into account the exceptional professionalism and competence of the cast and crew.  The entirety of Joshua's involvement in the production was completed in just a few weeks, thanks largely to an exhaustive pre-production period that allowed for an amazingly positive and prepared filming experience.

Joshua would like to especially thank his directors, Kevin and Casey, his producer, Kendall, his cinematographer, Anthony, and his co-stars, Ally and G, for such a wonderfully unmatched experience on set.

Joshua would also like to thank pre-emptively his editor, Charmaine, who will be bearing a lot of responsibility in the coming weeks.  With a whirlwind production comes a whirlwind post-production, and projected Final Cut of the film will be mid-October.

Filming Update

Joshua has just been cast in the short film Perihelion!

A 90's style sci-fi, Joshua will be playing the lead role of Dave and will be filming throughout July outside of Philadelphia.

Recording Updates

Joshua has finished a day of recording for the collaborative podcast PondHoppers, created, written, and directed by Courtney Ehrenhofler.

Pondhoppers is a sketch-infused sitcom about two set PAs from America who travel to London to make their living in film.  The tone is inspired by British comedies such as Fawlty Towers, The Mighty Boosh, and just about any Monty Python sketch.

Joshua plays the roles of straight man C-list actor Leon Hartnell, dutiful put-upon butler Bertram, and an array of characters appearing throughout the first season, and looks forward to continuing working with the cast and crew in upcoming seasons (and hopes for a BBC-style Christmas special!)